TCPIP servr - NumberOfConnections - not working [solved]

im using TCPIP servr from example which is in API reference (NET+OS 7.3 - updated with latest patches). I found one problem, I can have more connection then is specified in NumberOfConnections.
I have NumberOfConnections = 2, but it is no problem to connect more than 3 times. So where is the bug?

The Listen and accept is standart implemetation:

if (listen(theSocketFd, NumberOfConnections) < 0) {
printf ("Listen failed


	theChildFd = accept( theSocketFd, (struct sockaddr *) &amp;theClientAddr, &amp;theClientAddrLen );
    if (theChildFd &lt; 0)
        printf("Accept failed




I may work, but it is not, any ideas?

Thanks Jirka

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I will answer my selve. NumberOfConnections is number of pending connections, that’s connections which are waiting for connections (accept function).