The defconfig can be manually modified. But it seems that it is not applied.


I have ccimx6ulsbc dev board with dey-2.2r3 Linux.

I want to modify the kernel settings. I bitbaked kernel menu and saved into new defconfig file, and copied the new defconfig into …/sources/…/linux-dey-4.1/ccimx6ul/ folder to replace the original defconfig.

But what I found is that (After clean and re-bitbake):
The changes into the new defconfig is only in the .config.old, not in the defconfig and .config files under the folder build (./tmp/work/ccimx6ulsbc-…/linux-dey/4.1-r0/build/ )

I also did the following:

  1. I removed defconfig file from
    bitbake raised do_fetch error, defconfig failed to fetch

That confirms the defconfig is used.

  1. I added a line into the defconfig file. For example, CONFIG_TEST
  2. clean and bitbake again
    The CONFIG_TEST appears in the …/4.1-r0/build/.config_old
    but not in the …/4.1-r0/build/.config

I assume .config_old is not what active settings, and .config is the active settings.

So my conclusion is cannot manually editing the defconfig file. Am I right?
If so, how to modify the settings?

Thank you,


I think it has to be added through ccimx6ul_defconfig in the kernel-source/arch/arm/configs

make changes and create patch and apply the patch.