The Ethernet activity after application update

We have implemented a custom application Version 2.0.0 based on the NetOS7.3 for Digi Connect ME -C module. A few month ago, We have upgrade the application version 2.1.0 with Net+OS to 7.5 and other bug fix. Recently we discovered once we ftp the new application on to the module, the yellow LED on the Ethernet connector went on, and there is no activity on the green LED. I placed the module on the development board and connect pin 18 and 20 with GND. it cannot get into recovery mode. I cannot figure out where the issue could be. Any idea or recommendation are welcome.

are you shorting those pins to the ground prior to applying power? If so it doesn’t look like bootloader recovery works. In that case unfortunately the module is bricked for good. It is always recommended to experiment on modules with JTAG first.

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Thanks LeonidM. Yes, I also submitted my question to Digi Support and pretty much got the same answer. Thanks your help!