there is any way to reset the zigbee module?? If yes how to do this?

The zigbee chips which are used in RF energy meters is not working properly,more times the meters goes at global state or sleep time because of the we cant not get the readings of all meters.
So I want to find solution of that problem,for that I think the best way to reset the zigbee.
If u known how to done this,or any other way to do this?

Which XBee modules and firmware versions are you working with?

XBee S2 module.
But I want to reset the ZigBee modules used in RF Electric energy meters and I don’t known which type of this models.
There is any way to find their series?

Are you referring to a Smart Meter? What is the exact full part number of the XBee module, you will find it on the white label on the shield side. This is very important, what firmware version is installed on the radio?