Time for XBee end device to wake up and send

I have a network of XBee devices all series 2 running API mode. I added another one configured as an end device and am controlling it by using pin sleep.

I put it to sleep and then after 2 minutes wake it up and tell it to send. It takes 2 seconds for the XBee to be ready to actually send the message.

Is this normal?

Maybe. What are the sleep settings of the module.

You might want to ask digi support this one.

I’m using sleep mode 1 (pin sleep) and control it with an mcu. I’m also checking the clear to send to make sure the device is actually awake so I don’t send before it’s ready. There are no sleep timers.

I also set the network timeout to a high value to make sure the coordinator or router doesn’t purge the tables and lose the routing to the end device.

To me it seems like two seconds is a long time for the device to wake up and actually be able to send something.

I’m having the same issue, though with transparent mode, (1) end device, (1) coordinator. Sleep mode is disabled and end device simply powers down. Were you able to resolve this? I’m told it should connect in about 50ms-200ms…

No, I haven’t found out what’s going on; I just live with it.