Time of Flight measurement using Xbee

Hello, im trying to build a localization system.
First I have tried to use the RSSI of Xbee. I had some decent results (± 5 meter tolerance).
I will try to decrease this to ± a meter.

Are there setting in the Xbee to process always at the exact time?
So for example: I send a request, start a clock to count clock pulses and wait till i got a response. Once i get a respond i stop the timer and calculate the time it took.

Is the time that the XBee is taken to respond always the same?

Not supported on Digi XBee module but ‘Terminal’ tab in XCTU puts time-stamp on each API frame send or received. You can then so simple math to calculate time difference.

Digi Support

Thanks for ur answer but im not seeing it in the Terminal window. This is what im seeing: https://imgur.com/a/dwE5DxA

And also, does it display the time in microseconds, pico seconds? Because i will need precision like that for distance calculation if i want the best accuracy.

I can see the timestamp right there in your screenshot besides frame ID. Its 13:37:36.752 for first frame and 13:37:36.825 for second one.

Digi Support