Timer interrupt

In one of my application I need to generate variable frequency of 1KHz to 100KHz at the same time it is required to read data bus. So I am using RCM3200 at 44MHz, TimerB at perclock/16 mode. with this conditions my timer ISR can gernerate freq. between 2.7KHz to 56KHz also I am reading data from auxiliary data bus in timer ISR. So please suggest me how can I achive 1kHz to 100KHz freqeny with RCM3200?
Jayesh Akole


I don’t know how to help you. But I think you can help me. Can you tell me how to generate a timer interrupt?

I have some timer interrupt sample, but I need to generate a 1 second interrupt. Can you please help me. I am using rcm2020.



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Yes I can try to help you, as you need to generate interrupt @1 sec. There are two three ways to achieve it. So before suggesting any option can I know some details like How critical is your application?, How much time your main loop takes to execute or is ur main loop is highly loaded? or else let me know what action u want to take @1 sec? It will be my pleasure if I can help you.


Im glad somebody replied to me. My application will be a pulse counter. I have an external interrupt for the input pulse. Then I have to read the counted pulse every second. I want to use the timer interrupt to make sure that my time period of getting the counted pulse will be accurate and not affected of the main code. The main loop of the program will be long. And the timing would be so critical.


hi… i use for a similar cases costate’s, i think this is the solucion…


I already solved my problem using timer interrupt. I tried costate before but it doesn’t work when your main loop is heavy loaded.

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I am looking for help on creating a 1 sec interrupt for about the same reason, and I too am having difficulty with it. Could you provide any help?