transform RS232 onto RS485

Hi everybody.

I’m working on the DIGI connectME development board with ESP NET+OS 7.0.

I’m trying to create my own serial (com 0) interrupt, but I have some problem with the fonction “naIsrInstall”.

In the documentation, there is an ID called “BBUS_DMA01_INTERRUPT” (Serial Channel 1 Rx) in “BBus DMA Interrupts”. But if I try to use it (with include “NA_ISR.h”) I have a compilation error…

So I have use “SER1RX_INT” instead. In this case, the function “naIsrInstall” return me “NA_INTERRUPT_IN_USE”.

My program is build like this :


installation_interruption2=naIsrSetFiq(SER1RX_INT, FALSE);

installation_interruption3=naIsrInstall(BBUS_DMA01_INTERRUPT, test2, *test1);


Can you help me please ?

Best regards,


If I am reading NA_ISR.h correctly, BBUS_DMA01_INTERRUPT is defined for ARM9 processors only. The DIGI connectme is an arm7-based processor and thus would not have access to id. Thus the undefined error.