Transmission delay from Coordinator to End device


I’m experiencing a transmission delay in a single Coordinator to single End device setup. Packets sent from the end device to the coordinator are being received apparently without delay but about 30% of the time and especially when packets are sent closer together they are being delayed when going in the opposite direction (Coordinator to End device). This delay is surprisingly long, sometimes in excess of 5 seconds and the content is sometimes garbled.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that I’m broadcasting instead of sending to a specific destination address? Or maybe because of local RF interference?

Any suggestions are welcome!


Hi again,

I’ve configured the coordinator to send directly to the end device’s address instead of the 0xFFFF broadcast address and there is no delay. So this does look like its a broadcast issue…


Hi Tobie,

See this posting for information about broadcast messages.,598#2258

Thanks Damons,

I came to the same conclusion after contacting Digi tech support. I’ve since switched to API mode and am now addressing each end device directly in sequence instead of broadcasting to everyone at the same time. Up to now this seems to be reliable and fast although it requires much more programming work on the coordinator end than with a simple transparent broadcast.