TX status is wrong with XBee and PIC

Hi. I’m using a XBee module by UART with a PIC 16F876A. When I send an API command, the TX Status that I receive is:
“7E004289FF4577” You can see that the start delimiter and api identifier are right, also the frame id is right, but lenght (42) and status (45) are wrong. I suppose that checksum is also wrong. I don’t understand why this data is wrong…

Thanks very much.

What programming language are you using, tx pin on pic, and tris settings for all the ports of the pic. I have been working with someone with almost the same problem.

Hi. Im using assembler language with Mplab v7.2, tx port is portc,6 and rx portc,7 I think I understand you asking the tris settings. Maybe the data are right but is shown wrong in the lcd display due to trisb settings?


Hi again, I don’t know why, but it works now, I think It was a small change I did.