UART Transmit Buffer Closed Interrupt

Hi,Did anybody ever succeed in getting a Transmit Buffer Closed interrupt on NS7520 ? Thanks

According to Netsilicon support, TXBC is not working. I have this problem on a Net50. There are quite a lot of discussion about it in the Net50 Forum, but there’s no reliable documentation from Netsilicon. That’s why I contacted the support. Ectract of the Mail from Netsilicon: "If you are trying to use TXBC then I should let you know that the TXBC field in the Serial Channel Status Register A, unfortunately is not working. TXBC is not functional on the 40 - for UART/SPI/HDLC modes. (…) The above holds the same for 50 and 7520 chips as well to the best of my knowledge… " Well that’s it. Even though it’s not the exact answer to your question… Regards, Stefan

I can just confirm that the interrupt does not work for the NS7520-chip either. I spent a lot of time trying to get that to work until netsilicon informed me that this interrupt did not work. They informed me jan last year (2003) but this information is still not added to the errata which I do not understand. The latest errata is from feb this year. In order to get the desired function for my application I have had to solve this by software. Regards, Jesper