Unable to changes MAC address on Digi Connect ME

I have tried to changes the MAC address on a Digi Connect ME module, by using the function customizeSetMACAddress(BYTE* mac_addrp) but the MAC address remains the same.

I am using Net-OS, on Digi Connect ME w/4MB Flash.

Have anyone used this function with success?


In your last post you stated “but the MAC address remains the same”. customizeSetMACAddress writes the updated MAC address to FLASH. Thus you would not see an update until you power cycle the device. You do not saw whether or not you power cycled the device just that you do not see the updated MAC address. So I have no way of knowing your “whole story”.

Thanks for your reply, I have found the solution to my problem, I have power cycle the device after changing the MAC address, but somewhere in the application was the parameters in NVRam changes so the first changes of the MAC address was overwritten before the power cycle of the device.