Unable to get web server into HTTPS

I’m unable to get the HTTPS protocol to work properly in my Rabbit RCM3700 web server, using Dynamic C 9.62 with Embedded Security Pack installed.
I tried with sample program SSL_STATIC.C and when I connect to https://my_local_ip/index.html via browser (Firefox) I get the error PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR, while on the RCM side I can see the debug message “HTTP: socket ended in state 1”.

Could someone can give a hand, please?

This is not currently supported by the DC9.62, you will need to move up to DC 10.72E and to hardware RCM6700

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It is not possibile move up because I’m working on existing project on which I would like to add HTTPS support. But on the Embedded Security Pack release notes document I’ve read that it is supported on DC9.62 and 3000 cpu also. Is it not correct?

This is probably due to Dynamic C 9 only implementing TLS 1.0, and web browsers wanting to use TLS 1.2.

See if it’s possible to configure the browser to support TLS 1.0 connections, or try an older web browser that does.

My guess is that it’s not only a TLS 1.0 issue, but related to the ciphers and digest algorithms supported on the Rabbit. You may have to manually enable some deprecated ciphers/digests in order to get it working.

As Campbell said in their answer, if you need HTTPS you’ll need to find a way to migrate your hardware to something Rabbit 4000 or 6000 based and use the TLS 1.2 implementation in Dynamic C 10. There currently aren’t plans to implement TLS 1.0 on Rabbit 3000 processors.