Unable to transmit using XBee and a microprocessor board

Hello! I am using a few XBee s3b 900HP devices, one of which is connected to a computer and another two that are connected to different beaglebone blacks.

The problem I am having is that I cant seem to transmit from the beaglebone to the other board or to the xbee connected to the computer. I have tried using the broadcast address and the xbee addresses. I am trying to do this in API mode.

I am able to receive messages when I send them from XCTU to the xbees connected to the beaglebones, but the transmission doesnt seem to work. I am using code I wrote, but as a test I copied a frame I generated in XCTU and I am trying to send that with no luck.

Any suggestions or help is appriciated!

if you haven’t already try using a non-default pan ID with all 3. For troubleshooting purposes, disable sleep and encryption too.

I actually just figured out the issue. I was using API mode one, and all digi xbees have 0x13 in their address, which the xbee reads as a command byte. As soon as I change the mode to API using escaped characters it works.