Under what conditions does the Xbee PRO S2B retry transmisssion?


I am using XBee PRO S2B “XBP24BZ7SIT-004”. I wanted to ask which conditions make the transmitter retry the transmission.

I am specifically interested in knowing that does the XBee receiver module check the checksum of the received frame and discard the frame ‘silently’ if the checksum is incorrect or, it sends the received frame out of its UART even if the checksum is not correct.

And if the XBee receiver module discards the received frame itself, does this result in retransmission from the XBee transmitter module.

Many thanks for your time!

Adnan Ashraf

P.S.: This question is for Xbee PRO S2 / S2B modules and not the earlier ones.

If the check sum fails, it will not send the packet out the UART but it will discard it and will not send back the ACK indicating it was received.

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Thanks alot!!