Update increased size of Boot Loader?

Hi All,

Just come back to a project, and did a full Release build on it and it seems that the Boot Loader has increased in size above the 64K limit. This even occurs in the standard project template for a new project.

I can only assume that a system update has caused this, and the last few I downloaded I did not do a full release build.

I have updated BOOTLOADER_SIZE_IN_FLASH to 128K and it all seems to work again but I just wondered if others have seen this behavior with the latest updates on NetOS 7.5.2


This issue was very recently found and addressed. The attached zip file contains changes to the flash driver and the BSP. Before installing these make sure you take a good look at what changed.

Now if you install patches through the package manager you should probably NOT install this patch and wait until it is available through the package manager. It should be available over the weekend (through the package manager). If you installed this zip file, the package manager will NOT know about these changes.


Many thanks for that. I have it working at the moment so I suspect I will wait for the package update and then try to reduxe the size again, but it is good to get confirmation that I have not inadvertantly changed something in my code.


I just had the same issue and I feel stuck, even with the latest updates from the Package Manager.

Would you have any advice on this topic ?

Best Regards

If you create a new clean project and build this new clean project, do you experience this issue with this new clean project?

Ah, this could work. I have now better understood what happened. Flash_updates_752 rev 1.0.2 is the source my problem.

All I had to do was to update manually all my BSP source files from the
etos75\src\bsp\platforms\connectcore9p9215_a directory to my project directory, hence source files, includes, libraries match and BOOTLOADER_SIZE_IN_FLASH is no longer an issue.