updating data on a web page


I’m using the RCM4300 board (Dynamic C 10.21) with Web module. I’m logging data from the serial port and saving it on my SD card (not using a FAT system).
The data is being save as string. (I followed the SD_INSPECT.c sample).
Since I’m expecting a large amount of data (1GB) I don’t understand how can I display is on a web page.

Please Help

See the attached sample, it shows how to send dynamic data from xmem to a web page. Take a look at the load_cgi function.


Thanks, but I don’t think I can use the SD card to store my file. And I do want to use the 1GB of memory I have.
Unless I’m totally wrong about it.

Hi, i need help with this problem please.

I have a fat system into sd card in RCM4300, and i need to include .zhtml script files, but i just read that FAT 16 system doesn�t support long name files or extension (it must be 8.3) and .zhtml has 5. I don�t know how to do…, someone can help me with this?.