Updating RS232.lib

I’m migrating from a rcm3000 to an rcm6700.

I’m having some trouble with the RS232.lib, things have changed so much that I need to edit it to make my program work.

Can anyone figure out why I get this error?

line  322 : ERROR RS232.LIB    : Cofunctions require prototypes         


/*** Beginheader cof_serAgetc */ scofunc int cof_serAgetc(); /*** endheader */  /* START FUNCTION DESCRIPTION ******************************************** cof_serAgetc                     SYNTAX:		   int cof_serAgetc();  DESCRIPTION:   Yields to other tasks until a character is read from port A.                This function is non-reentrant.  PARAMETER1:    None  RETURN VALUE:	The character read from serial port A  END DESCRIPTION **********************************************************/  nodebug scofunc int cof_serAgetc() { 	static int c; 	static int havelock;  	abandon 	{ 		if(havelock) cbuf_rdunlock(spa_icbuf); 	}  	havelock=0; 	waitfor(cbuf_rdlock(spa_icbuf)); 	havelock=1;  	waitfor((c=cbuf_getch(spa_icbuf)) != -1);     if (artscts && cbuf_used(spa_icbuf) <= serArtsLo)    {    	(*a_rtson)();    }  	cbuf_rdunlock(spa_icbuf); 	return c; }

Hello , what version of Dynamic C are you using? The Digi released latest version DC10.72, you can download it from the below link

Thank you.

Are you editing the standard library? Do the standard samples that use this library compile without error?