upgrading RAM drive on Portserver CM 32

we have a portserver CM 32 that is constantly crashing and i am suspecting that the RAM drive gets too full, and rebooting clears out some logs. it happens about every two weeks or so. i tried to find how to do this on the KB, but that didnt have any useful info, nor did the pdf manuals (as far as i saw). i did find a page (http://www.digi.com/discover/pccard.jsp) that gave approved RAM cards (up to 64Mb). the CM we have does not have an external slot, just the internal one. the CM is a little over 1 years old (sept/oct 2002). thanks in advance.

You have our older style “Portserver CM”. The link you were looking at is for our next generation “Digi CM”. Are you saving your logs locally? If so, you may want to consider saving it to an NFS or Syslog server. Also, you want to be running our latest firmware, 1.3.4g. To check firmware rev from the PS CM cmd line “cat /proc/version”. The latest firmware is located here:


My root partition is only 82% and all PS CM’s are partitioned the same. So I do agree that it may be worth looking thru the root partition for lg logs. Not sure exactly what to look for? An ‘ls -Rs /’ may help.

Also, I don’t see your firmware rev? If you’re on older firmware we suggest upgrading to the latest.

when this thing shipped it was pretty full as configured. i only suspect that the logs get full, i am only speculating here. here is what df -k shows:
Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/ram0 7579 7317 262 97% /
/dev/ram 3965 13 3952 0% /var/run/DB
/var/log doesnt really have anything in it. du -sk reveals: 4007 bin, 2920 lib, 8 doc, 196 etc, 8 home, 8 libexec, 2 mnt, 5 opt, 1 readme, 4 root, 0 sbin, 1 tmp, 37 var, 95 web.
from the web interface: MemTotal 63824 kB, MemFree 40548 kB, MemShared 2788 kB, Buffers 11728 kB, Cached 5360 kB, SwapTotal 0 kB, SwapFree 0 kB.
right now we dont have a syslog server, but am in process of getting one setup (about time) after a few fires get put out. i am at a point where i am unsure what to do next.

version info:
[root@seth /root]# cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.2.14 (root@cm32.digi.com) (gcc version 2.95.2 19991030 (2.95.3 prerelease/franzo)) #1 Wed May 1 14:30:54 PDT 2002
Digi-CM 32 -Linux V_1.3.2 (May/01/02)

it is behind, but with so little space, i dont want to chance the thing failing the upgrade. usually updates require more space, not less. this is our only portserver for all of our machines, and if it fails, were basically hosed. email me directly and i will email you the output of the ls -Rs of / (chuck dot maxa at drs dash ss dot com) if you wish to have a gander. i couldnt find anything out of the ordinary. thanks for your help so far.