USB Anywhere and ESX Server

I have two questions

I know the Guest operating systems on an ESX server can access the USB anywhere hub. IF I have 2 or more ESX servers with a number of hosts on each, will the hosts on each ESX server be able to use and see one USB Anywhere device and secondly can VMWARE Guest operating systems share the same USB device or does each guest hog the port(s)? Thanks

The guest OS that’s connected to the AnywhereUSB has control of all 5 USB ports.

so your saying no other guests can control any of the usb ports, so basically I would need a USB Anywhere device for each guest operating system?

Guests must take turns connecting to, and disconnecting from, the AnywhereUSB.

As far as how many AnywhereUSB’s you need, it depends on your intended application. Does each guest need constant 24/7 access to a USB device? If so then you would need a dedicated AnywhereUSB for that guest. On the other hand, if the guests only need to connect to a USB device periodically, then you can use one AnywhereUSB and have the guests take turns using the AnywhereUSB and the attached USB devices.

Does this clear things up?