USB Anywhere direct port access for USB serial clients?

Hi, is it possible to access individual USB ports on an anywhere USB device by transmitting data to the IP address of the anywhereUSB device at a particular port number for each USB port, and receive the response back from the equipment across eth network

I am hoping to use a USB Anywhere device to connect to multiple devices (actually amplifiers) that have ‘serial over USB’ interfaces. I then want to programmatically (in python) from an additional non PC device, query the amplifiers by sending a query string to the relevant network port (using TCP/UDP as required) for each of the individual ‘USB’ sockets on the USB anywhere device

I cant find any documentation about whether this possible for USB, I am pretty sure it used to be possible on DIGI serial portsevers in the past.

Any advice or ideas gratefully received!


This (socket connections) is not possible with the AWUSB, as it’s designed to exclusively work in conjunction with some computer(s) that run the AWUSB Manager (client) software.