USB host interface problem on ccardwmx28js

I have been failing to enable USB support for storage media such as USB flash disk on ccardwmx28js using DiGi EL.

Version information is as follows.
/ # uname -a
Linux ccardwmx28js #5 Mon May 5 14:13:38 SGT 2014 armv5tejl GNU/Linux

I have enabled following options as mentioned in “Digi ESP™ for Embedded Linux - Documentation” while building kernel.


I also have done the jumper settings (J5 and J6) as mentioned in “ConnectCard™ for i.MX28™ Hardware Reference” manual.

I also have enabled BLK_DEV_SD in SCSI device support.

When I connect the USB flash disk nothing gets detect on the board. No kernel messages in dmesg. No messages in /var/log/messages. Nothing gets mounted on tmp/media/ . No new devices gets detected in /dev directory.

Have I missed any other configuration?

Could anyone please help me with this? Really have been having very tough time to enable anything on DiGi boards.

I do not know much about enabling the USB interface but there is an app note on digi’s website, if you have not already seen it, “Recovering U boot on a ConnectCard i.MX 28 module via USB” perhaps it contains some type of configuration or tool that could help.