Use Muiltiple SPI port RCM 5400W

Hi all,

I am trying to use serial Port A and serial port B on the rabbit 5400W (SPI interface to communicated with other IC). But the supplied SPI library only support to use one port at a time. It will be time consuming to call SPIinit to change between ports. So can you provide me some sample code to show me how to do this, or point me to the right source. I had read a sample SPI application note document. And wrote something like:

int _SPIA_WrRd(char data)
int status;
// load the first byte to SADR, serial port A data register
WrPortI(SBDR, NULL, data);
BitWrPortI(SACR, &PCFRShadow, 1, 7);
BitWrPortI(SACR, &PCFRShadow, 1, 6);
// Check status register for incoming data
while (1)
status = RdPortI(SASR);
if(status &0x80)
return RdPortI(SADR);
return -1; // error

But not sure if this right…Can’t really find a good document describing how to configure SPI port manually, so it can support using two SPI serial ports.

Thanks for your help.

Robert Chen