Use of SPI on port D (PC0,PC1,PC3) of Rabbit RCM4300

I would like to use on rabbit RCM4300 the serial SPI master.
I used PC0 as MOSI, MISO as PC1 and PC3 as SCLK, is not it?
I can send but not receive why?

i wrote name RMC4300 but the board is RCM4300

What sort of device are you connecting to? What does your code look like? How do you initialize that I/O, send data and try to read it back? Have you looked at those I/O lines with a logic analyzer to see the signals? Does your SPI device require a chip select?

How do you know that sending works? Are your commands going out with the correct byte and bit order? Are the signals levels correct or do you need to invert them?

You should be able to edit your original question to correct the typo, and delete this non-answer to the question (making it easier for others to see that it was unanswered).

I solved the problem because I had to define the spi_lib put spi_rx_port spi_rx_pc instead of spi_rx_pd
Thank you

fyi I fixed the name RCM4300 in the original post.