UserFS is not mounting

My UserFS is not mounting when I do a dboot linux flash.
If I do dboot linux tftp, UserFS mounts just fine. (The flashed code is the same as the tftp code.)

After tftp boot, I can mount UserFS by typing
~ # umount /mnt/UserFS/
~ # /etc/init.d/ start
Mounting fstab configured file systems… done
Mounting jffs2 user partitions: /mnt/UserFS.

After flash boot, doing the same thing produces:
Mounting fstab configured file systems… done

In both flash & tftp boot, /dev/mtbblock4 exists.

It looks like looks at the NVRAM. I don’t understand what it’s doing but if I type intnvram printall, I get:

Partition Table Nr | Name | Chip | Start | Size | Type | FS | Flags 
0 | U-Boot | 0 | 0x000000000 | 0x000030000 | U-Boot | None | fixed 
1 | NVRAM | 0 | 0x000030000 | 0x000020000 | NVRAM | None | fixed 
2 | Kernel | 0 | 0x000050000 | 0x000140000 | Linux-Kernel | None | 
3 | RootFS | 0 | 0x000190000 | 0x000370000 | Filesystem | SQUASHFS | rootfs 
4 | UserFS | 0 | 0x000500000 | 0x000300000 | Filesystem | JFFS2 | 

The target is an ME-9210, the IDE is DigiEL-5.7 running on Ubuntu.

I’d sure appreciate any thoughts on why UserFS won’t mount when I flash boot. Also, any info on the sequence of events that should happen to get UserFS mounted would be helpful.


The part of the file: System/build/rootfs/etc/init.d/ that mounts the UserFS is commented out. I un-commented the code and UserFS mounts just fine during flash boot.

Is there something in the Kernel or Rootfs Configure that decides if UserFS gets mounted?

Is generated based on settings in the Configure process? Is there some setting that causes the UserFS mounting code to be commented out?

Is there another way the UserFS should be getting mounted and the code is obsolete???

Thanks for any hints!