Using DN to find a nodes 64 bit address

Hi, I have successfully used ND to find a nodes NI and 16 bit address, but now I need to know the 64 bit address for communications.
I am under the impression that you can use DN for this job, so I sent an AT command packet (i.e. not remote) with the parameter “TEST” which is the name of the node I am trying to find.

I do get an AT command response, but it’s status is always “1”. I.e. Error. Why is that, I am sure that the name is correct, and XCTU can resolve the 64 bit addresses correctly. Am I using DN incorrectly, or am I supposed to send a remote AT command?


ND should return the 64-bit and 16-bit addresses for every node in the network. Which firmware and module type are you working with?

Try sending the NI string “TEST” in all capital letters with DN. You do not need to send a remote DN command. Also, if you used the XCTU to configure the NI string (test), it might actually have a space in front (" TEST").

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My apologies, I have just seen your reply.

Some time after I posted the message I realised that SH and SL Serial number high and low are actually the 64 bit address high and low. It was the wording “serial” that confused me. I presumed that this was just a unique identifier, not its actual address.


Thank you.“actually have a space in front (” TEST")" is very important. I try it which make the DN command work normally.

The ‘space’ is a side-effect. By default NI = " " (a single space), so if you just change NI by ‘adding’ the word TEST, then you need to use " TEST" as the name.

To eliminate that space you actually need to backspace during XCTU edit of NI to delete the space.