Using Encoder with BL2600

Hi Friends,

I have to use a quadrature encoder to count the number of revolution of a drum using an encoder mounted with the shaft of a rotating drum. I am using BL2600 to control. I have used the quadrature decoder inputs of BL2600 (DIN18 & DIN19) to decode the encoder pulses. There is counters QDC2R & QDC1R to count the encoder pulses. This is an 8-bit counter. This gives an interrupt when it goes from 0xFF to 0x00 or 0x00 to 0xFF. Therefore I am able to detect the revolution when the counter gives interrupt. its so long. I need to detect every pulse of the quadrature encoder in order to update the drum speed and payout length.

Could anyone tell me, is it possible to have interrupt for every single pulse of the encoder. or tell me any other way to use a quadrature encoder with BL2600.

You could poll by using qd_read(). Then if you see a change from the previous position you could execute some code.

Polling might be out of the question but its the only thing i can think of. You could even put it in a costate{}.

Hopefully you won’t miss any pulses.

Thank you for your reply.