using hdlc on connect EM board

Hi,I am trying to run an application on the connectEm board which use Serial port 1 as an hdlc channel and Serial 2 as a Uart channel. To do so I set in the bsp.h the corresponding driver constants to each serial port. files hdlcdvr.c/h and hdlcmem.c are located in my application folder. the problem is that with this driver setting Serial 2 is open successfully but no communication is posible with it even as a STDIO port. Am I missing a point in the board config or is it because hdlc is not supported by this board ? all ideas are welcomed, cheers

did you ever figure this out? I want to run HDLC <-> ethernet, and I am waiting on a response from netsilicon before I purchase the dev. kit. Are you running NetOS? Glenn

I am having troubles even getting the HDLC sample code and functions to link using GNU and the supplied makefiles? See: /cygdrive/c/netos63_gnu/src/test/hdlc/32b/…/hdlc_main.c:141: undefined reference to naHdlcOpen' I am including the correct bsp.a for the ns7520 and include the following: #include /* HLDC Library */ Anybody have any luck?? When I did make PLATFORM=ns9750_a it appeared to compile better. Got past the undefined reference but gave: make: *** No rule to make target …/…/…/…/src/bsp/platforms/ns9750_a/image.ld’, needed by `image.elf’. Stop. Thanks.

Figured it out… Have to enable the HDLC in the bsp.h file for the 7520_a and then rebuild the bsp library. Then my project links fine.

Hi,I’m student and I have to get datas from an HDLC link. I have to use an FPGA board. Concerning the software, I know that there are some IP that manage this link but I do not know if something else is required concerning the hardware. Thank you,