Using IF_ETH1

Can anyone tell me if IF_ETH1 works or not on the RCM6700, and if so, how does one go about using it?

Everything in the documentation suggests that it should work just fine, and IFCONFIG() does not return an error code. But IF_ETH0 works just fine, while IF_ETH1 does not appear to.

Anyone have any ides/suggestions?

Hello, It seems like, if you your board has two ethernet interfaces then only you can use the above two macros, otherwise you can use only the IF_ETH0
For more info on this , check TCP/IP user’s manual Volume 1 at Digi’s website.

Thank you for your reply. I figured this out within 2 minutes of asking the question (I was trying to create a virtual ethernet connection, and figured out how to do that) I just was unable to delete my question. But thank you for your prompt reply!