Using sdflash.lib for RCM5700


I want to use sdflash.lib for RCM5700 series controllers .
However library has definition only for RCM4300 . So, it displays following error :

ERROR SDFLASH.LIB : On this target, you must define SD card macros by hand.

So, i would like to know how should I define those configurations . A working set of configurations would be highly appreciable .

Thanks and Regards ,

Hello, The RCM4300 module bydefault it has the SD card socket so thats why the sdflash.lib has the configurations only for 4300, But RCM5700 module by default it does not have the SD card .
So you need to design your own hardware with the SD card on RCM5700. So the configurations depends on your RCM5700 interface with the SD card.
For reference check the RCM4300 Schematics from the link