Using SMS as a alert.

So im interested in a possibility to send an sms message from a digi gateway to nmobile phone. The scenario looks something like this. The machine gets a temperature sample that over goes a safety limit and send an sms to a meintenance mans phone. Or the gateway encounters a situation where it is got off from the idigi platform(WAN in general) and must inform somebody about this using sms. So is it possible to make dia send a sms to a desired telephone number.If it is then should i make my own presentation .py and implement it to the settings.yml or is manipulating settings.yml enough.

Currently, it isn’t possible to send an SMS from a gateway. You could however send an e-mail notification via python script, and there are email-to-SMS servers out there which would then complete your desired notification format.

do you mean that i should make a script that sends the email to the idigi platforms server or some “random” server that deals in sms sending?

You would use your own mail server for sending the email. (The email wouldn’t go through iDigi in this case)

You’d send the email to one of the addresses described on this web page:

which would cause it to be sent as an SMS to the specified phone number.

There is an SMTP example presentation that you could try, but you may want to modify it to have some of your own functionality.