Vanishing dia.yml Issue

I have a ConnectPort X4, and have had a working test setup. However, as of late, I’ve had some issues uploading an updated dia.yml file.

I first delete the existing dia.yml file. Then, I upload the desired dia.yml from my Desktop. Sometimes, refreshing that “Python” page shows the size of the dia.yml file drop from 3200 bytes to 0 bytes. Other times, it increases in size before dropping to 0 bytes. Still other times, it actually works and does not delete itself.

After uploading a new dia.yml file, I am rebooting the device. This was not an issue I was having before. Is the problem in my dia.yml file?

Are you able to run the file when size of dia.yml drops to 0?
Use Digi ESP for python for loading the dia.yml. In Digi ESP you can easily modify the dia.yml file and execute the project. This software automatically loads yml file on the device.

I can run when I Telnet into the device. However, there are no updates on the console once the “Core services started.” message pops-up.

I’m not sure how to load the dia.yml file on my ConnectPort X4 through ESP. I’ve been using the web configuration page for the gateway pretty much the whole time. Editing the YML file hasn’t been a issue outside of ESP, because this issue arises even on previously working YML files.

The problem may go away if I reset to factory settings, but a reset doesn’t touch the files so I’m going to attempt that as a last resort.

Sounds to me like Ethernet cable problems - or are you accessing remiotely via iDigi, broadband, or cellular?

I assume you uplaod by HTTP (aka: the X4 web page). if the uplaod takes too long, then you could a zero-length file or the file is truncated. Your web browser (sadly) won’t tell you. One sees this often when moving 500K over cellular, but a 3K dia.YML is only 2 or 3 packets.

The only thing I can think of which might cause that is a bad cable (too old, contacts worn), or a full/half-duplex problem. Try not using a cross-cable - use a switch. Also, an Ethernet cable can only be connected maybe 50 times before it’s gold contacts are shot, so maybe your cable is just too old.