Wall router doesn't function like a repeater.

Wall router doesn’t function like a repeater.

I’ve a ConnectPort X2 with two Wall Routers and two Xbee series 2. I’ve managed to setup the XBee modules in API mode and have made a coordinator and an end device. The coordinator is able to receive the AD data from the end device when the coordinator send the AD request.

But when I walk to the point where they are out of range the Wall Router doesn’t repeat the signal.

I’m aware of the limit of the range of the wall router (40m).

The editing of settings of the wall router is only possible with the ConnectPort X2?

http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000891_B.pdf doesn’t describe how to put the wall router in the repeater function.

Another problem: setting the time to the correct time of the wall router or X2

Example readout of the wallrouter using the demo:
Node:[00:13:a2:00:40:2c:7a:2b]! Time:17:24:31 Temp:19.727273 Light:169.305963

Problem: it isn’t 17:24:31

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What versions of firmware are on the embedded rf module in your CP-X2, the Wall Router, and your end device?

Hello Paul,

You have the following equipment on your XBee network, correct?

Wall Router - Router
Wall Router - Router
XBee in API Mode - Coordinator
XBee in API Mode - End Device
ConnectPort X2 - ???

In what operating mode is the ConnectPort X2? Normally it wants to be the coordinator of the network. A network may only have one coordinator. If you have configured one of your XBee modules to be the Coordinator it is possible that you have split your network into two–with some of the XBee’s associated to the ConnectPort X2 on their own network and some of the modules associated to your XBee coordinator on their own network.

The easiest thing to do will be to reconfigure your network such that the ConnectPort X2 is the sole and only coordinator on the network and to demonstrate that all of the nodes are associated to the network started by the ConnectPort X2. In order to do this I would consider setting up the network in the following way:

Wall Router - Router
Wall Router - Router
XBee in API Mode - Router
XBee in API Mode - End Device
ConnectPort X2 - Coordinator

…by using X-CTU to reconfigure your XBee Modules. Ensure that your XBee devices and your ConnectPort device are on the same PAN ID by using the Web UI.

You can move the Wall Router devices to your XBee network by another means. On the side of the Wall Router you will find a small gray button. Push this button four times rapidly. The wall router’s association light will stop blinking, go solid, and then will blink again when it has changed networks. Once it is blinking click the button once, it will cause all the other devices on the Wall Router’s same network to blink their association lights. If none of the other devices blink their lights, have the Wall Router change networks again by pressing the button again four times and so on.

Repeat this procedure with the other Wall Router.

Once you have all of the devices associated on the same network you should be able to use the seamless “repeating” (actually, mesh routing) functionality of the Wall Router devices.

As for setting the time: you can set the time on the ConnectPort X2 device but unfortunately the ConnectPort X2 device lacks a persistent real-time clock and will loose its time settings after each reboot.

The time cannot be set from the Web UI at this time. In order to set the time you must use a telnet client to telnet to the command-line interface (CLI) of the ConnectPort X2. Once connected and presented with the “#>” prompt, type “set time ?” in order to receive help on how to set the time with the “set time” command.

For example:

#> set time time=9:34 date=04.20.09

This will set the time to 9:34 am on April 20th, 2009.

I hope this helps you. Please let us know here if it does not!