Watchport V/2 Software (to run)

I’m a bit confused. I bought the Watchport V/2 because of a great review in Maximum PC to use with my clients I coach by phone. But no software came with it to use that way. It’s just sat in a plastic bag until now I have a client who wants to use it from another state during our coaching. I’ve downloaded drivers and other files located on the site, but I’m wondering if I can make it work with MS Messenger (I read a post where it only worked once with it) and how can I make it work with that program as it seems to be what my clients are using. Obviously, I don’t know the techi way to do this but need a program that will be user friendly or at least directions I can understand and follow (translate jargon). Could you point me to a place where I can get software and instructions?
Thank you,


The software that’s bundled with the driver can be used for taking snapshots and recording video.

If you’re looking to use the camera for video conferencing, you’ll need to use 3rd party software, i.e. MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc. The V2 should be compatible with all of those kinds of software applications. Are you having difficulties using any of those software applications? If so, what exactly is the issue?