Web Logging


I wanted to create a logging at my webpage but i keep on having an errror sayin variable out of space. i wanted to have about 150 logs file but now the max i can go is 50. how can i increase my variable space?

or is there any other method to do a web logging without using variables? i was also trying using filesystem to store my log file but i can only display out in the stdio. i wan it to be in my web.Pls advice. thanks

unsigned char E_time[18];
unsigned char E_event[45];

void displaylog(unsigned char wr_event[])
int k;

for(k=0; k<99; k++)
memcpy(event_log[k].E_time, event_log[k+1].E_time, 17);
memcpy(event_log[k].E_event, event_log[k+1].E_event, 45);
memcpy(event_log[99].E_time, print_tm()+4, 17);
memcpy(event_log[99].E_event, wr_event, 45);


Try to initiate your arrays before using memcpy.

char send_buffer[ARRAY_SIZE];

Let me know if that works.


Hi Gavin,

Thanks for your help. it didnt works… still the same error msg.