What calls xbee_ota_server_cmd()?

If you enable OTA upates, what actually calls xbee_ota_server_cmd()? I tried to use References/Project in the IDE to find it, but it says zero references. I’d like to see what actually triggers it to be called, because I have my own triggering mechanism in mind. I suppose what I really want to do is disable the default code from triggering it and then activate the OTA / reset myself.

which module is this for and where are you seeing the command in quesiton?

It’s in the ota_firmware update module under Zigbee. It’s somehow attached to listening to endpoint 0xE8 but I can’t find where. Is this in some library code for which we don’t have source in the SDK?

What XBee product are you referring to?

It’s an XBee Programmable zigbee unit, so I’m talking about the OTA firmware update component that you can select in code composer.

Have you looked it up in the Help file yet? there is quite a bit of information on it within the help file.

Yeah, there’s documentation that explains how it works:

which is great if you want to use it exactly the way they intended … but I don’t quite. I have my own sequence I want to use to initiate the process. That’s why I’m just tryiing to find out where the listener for endpoint 0xE8, cluster 0x0011 is defined so that I can replace it.

That’s really the root of my question. I’m not asking how to make OTA programming work. I’m asking why “Find References” doesn’t tell me from where that handler gets invoked.

Cluster ID 11 and End point E8 tells the RF processor to pass the data out the UART of the RF processor to the 2nd processor.

ah okay so that means the HCS09 is already in the bootloader at that point, so what I care about is before that.

Regardless though … my question still remains and is fairly simple: what function calls xbee_ota_server_cmd()