What is the document number for Digi Embedded Linux - Command Line reference manual

Can someone please confirm what the pdf document number for the Dig Embedded Linux Command Line Reference Manual is.
I have been going through some of the pdf’s found at this location Documents

Many thanks in advance.



Is this what your looking for?


Hi Campbell,

Thank you for your response. Yes, this is the file I am looking for but an updated revision as this one does not contain entry for the digi-connect-me module in section 1.4 “Supported Platforms”.

The web interface version of this document that is bundled as part of the Digi ESP installation process contains additional information that is not in the cited document.

I want this updated version of the 90000854_B.pdf document so I can print it out for easy viewing.



Where can I find updated version of document number 90000854_B.pdf