What is the relationship between DB value and RSSI PWM DC on the XBee 3?

In testing I’ve seen DB 0x47 give a 78% duty cycle, and DB 0x58 give a 48% duty cycle. I haven’t figured out the relationship from just that data so was hoping to get some more information here.

I am a little confused on your statement as you mention the DB command twice.

For Zigbee enabled devices, the DB value is going to give you the receive signal strength of the last packet received in Hex value.

Sorry I should have been clearer. I’m referring to the RSSI PWM output that can be enabled on Pin 7 of the XBee 3, and how this PWM value relates to the actual DB value.

I’ve found this documentation for the XBee S2C, which has the sort of thing I’m looking for: https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/Digidocs/90002002/Concepts/c_zb_rssi_pwm.htm

I’m trying to find that same equation of “PWM counts = (A * RSSI_Unsigned) - B” for the XBee 3.