What is this card

I have received a card and I am trying to figure the model of the card. S/N (1s)D99002070 - DI A/N 30002514-01, PN -(1P) 50000537-01 Rev C

Thanks in advance!

Acoording to serial number, you have AccelePort Xr adapter

I seem to have a similar card: S/N (S)V 0C3 30629 - DI A/N 30002514-01 Rev D, PN -(1P) 50000537-01 Rev E. I’m pretty sure it is an AccelePort Xr - but is it the 4 port or the 8 port variant?

If it helps I can put a photo of the card on a web page.

Many thanks for your help!

This is the 4 port adapter.