What is xbee s2c 802.15.4 ADC range


I have xbees s2c 802.15.4 (XB24CAPIT-001)
I have now issues reading ADC, and I suspect that the range I assumed (0 to 3.3V) is actually less (1.2V ?)
I have been looking at the doc and I have found:

Could it be possible to get :

  • a clear chart on what serial number is what module type ? Along with all nicknames, that are found across doc + forum, such as legacy, serie X, ZB, etc ?
  • a clear chart on what module type support Vref, and if not what is the ADC range ?

Thanks in advance for the answer
I wish this would have been clearly written in the user manual, as it would have save manual rework on the prototype and need for a new PCB version
If Digi people stumble upon that post, could that info be added to the next version of the manual ?

Page 183 of the datasheet has a mapping:

Model: S2CTH (XBee S2C through-hole)
IFETEL (IFT) number RCPDIS219-1821-A1 applies to these S2C radios:

The max range is listed as 1.2v, I suspect the vREF pin on other models lets you supply your own voltage value, but that model is locked to 1.2v

The (Legacy) models were from a design by maxstream before they were bought by digi.
I don’t know how they relate to the S2C models. We skipped from the legacy up to the xb3 version.
If I am not mistaken the Legacy parts are S1(series1) and yours are S2(series2), and the newer XB3s are the S3(series3)?

Thanks for the answer
The model mapping is indeed at the end of the manual

But what about the ADC max range being 1.2V ? Where did you find that ?
The only time I found 1.2V was about ZigBee units. Is ZigBee an alias of XB24CAPIT-001 ? Or of S2C ?

The datasheet i linked is for the XBee/XBee-PRO S2C 802.15.4
Page 70 “Analog input” says max adc value is 1.2v

It would be nice if there was a modules section giving the electrical characteristics (like drive strength for pins) and etc, but it seems to be buried.

haaaa… It was there !

About drive strength and such, what about “GPIO specifications” page 31 ?

I knew it was in there somewhere hah