What's the difference between eth.0.stats.rxbytes and ip.stats.txbytes?

I’m using a WR21.
I want to be able to use an external program to connect to the cell modem and check the data usage.
It seems that I can do this with SSH.

I’m currently doing this interactively (before I write a program to do it), and can see that there are 2 command that sound like they are both related, and can tell me the data usage:


The values they return are slightly different though.
Are these measuring the totals for both sim cards?
What’s the difference between the 2 commands?

Apparently there’s also ppp.0.stats.rxbytes, ppp.1.stats.rxbytes, … which, from the sound of it, should be the WAN, but those show me a value of 0 all the time.


Hi The first command will be the actual bytes off data on the eth interface inbound

the second not sure as it is IP so this will only be IP packets but against what interface ?

if you are using normal cellular then PPP 1 would show you data on the cellular modem whn it is up and passing data there is another one that shows all data both in and out


this is use when you have a limited services say 500Mb that is IN/OUT traffic