Where are the contents for the function NAFSwrite_file, NAFSread_file and NAFSopen_file ......


my application is running on a connectcore9p9360 using Net+Os 7.4.2.

While working with the filesystem I found out, that the functions like NAFSwrite_file, NAFSread_file and NAFSopen_file are just declared in file fs_api.h, but they are not described in detail anymore/anywhere.

Is there some patches for this appliocation? Or is there anywhere a function fs_api.c?

I read in the forum that the following link


should be useful for this issue, but I can’t open this link.

Could you give me some advice?

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In the API reference guide look in the following area:

System software Services
      File System
          Flash File System

Now, the functions mentioned there in work as well in the RAM file system as they do on the FLASH file system. They are just currently placed under the heading of FLASH file system only.


many thanks for the response.

I looked in the Functions File System and Flash File System,
everywhere I saw following text:

Source file information
Path: netos/src/filesys/api/fs_api.c

But I don’t have such directory netos/src/filesys/api, so I don’t have the file fs_api.c either in my database.

My question:
How can I get such directory and file?


Aha, if that is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. The file system is delivered in library (object) form only. Sources are not available. The API references guide makes functional prototypes available for APIs that are delivered in library form.


do you know, how many Bytes has a sector in the Nand-Flash which is used in the connectcore9p9360?

Is a sector identical with a page?


The easiest way to get that information is as follows:

If you are developing using GNU command look at src\examples
aflash or from ESP NET+OS samples Flash Memory Sample. There are two APIs called, NAFlashSectorSizes adn NAFlashSectorOffsets. After that there is some adjusting of numberof sectors. Then there is a loop containing a printf. If you execute thsi sample app ONLY THROUGH the loop, you’ll get a report of sector sizes. Do not go beyond this point unless yo want to wipe FLASH clean.


are you sure, that this example naflash can also work with the connectcore9p9360 on a Digi Jumpstart Kit development board?

As I read in the “readme” file for naflash

This example will work on the NET+Works NS7520 and NET+50 development boards.
It may not work on DigiConnect development boards because some flash sectors
on these boards are locked. …

Please advise.