Where to get the DEY toolchain with gcc 10.2.0

Hi…our Visual Studio compiles our C/C++ projects using the DEY toolchain. I know nothing about the DEY toolchain so please forgive my questions. But, can anyone tell me:

  1. Is there a DEY toolchain repo or similar where view/download releases?
  2. I’m building a docker image using DEY 3.2-r3, how can I add a DEY toolchain to my image?
  3. Does the DEY toolchain compile code differently than just using gcc?

A google search produces very little about DEY toolchains.

Thanks in advance.

DEY = Digi Embedded Yocto
this is not just a toolchain, it’s more like a configuration tool which helps you selecting a set of matching tools and libraries with certain versions.
E.g. we provide DEY-3.2-r3 with a certain kernel version and with well defined GCC version an libraries matching each other in a certain version.
You might be able to change the GCC version through Yocto, see:
there are also some books to learn about how to develop with Yocto, see:

and of course the Digi documentation (depending on your hardware platform), e.g.: