Which GPIO for DSI Reset

I’m connecting a MIPI DSI display to a i.MX6 Quad SBC. It needs a GPIO for the DSI reset line. I’m trying to understand the conflicting info about which GPIO to use.

I’m using Digi Yocto Linux 2.3. The device tree file imx6qdl-ccimx6sbc.dtsi has this entry:

mipi_dsi_reset: mipi-dsi-reset {
 compatible = "gpio-reset";
 reset-gpios = <&gpio6 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
 reset-delay-us = <50>;
 #reset-cells = <0>;


So that suggests I should use GPIO_6_11, but that seems to be in use for NAND, and not available on a SBC connector.

The i.MX6 SBC HW Ref Man, page 64, in the “GPIO and user LEDs” section lists this:


But, again, I can’t find where GPIO_3_26 is brought out to a connector.

I can use another GPIO, (I chose GPIO_7_13 on the GPIO connector), but I’m trying to understand why the document lists one GPIO, the device tree a second GPIO, and neither seem to be usable. Perhaps I am reading this wrong?

thanks, Michael

module’s HRM:

AD19 EIM_D26

However, not all pins are brought out to SBC connectors. It sounds like you should be able to assign any available GPIO for this via device tree.