Why doesn't the example of "Request node discovery" in the documentation work?

I’m getting.

GET XbeeCore error. Invalid condition; nested exception is java.lang.Exception: Invalid condition: xpExtAddr=00:13:A2:00:41:5B:37:40

When executing:

curl -X GET https://user:password@my.devicecloud.com/ws/XbeeCore?condition=xpExtAddr=‘00:13:A2:00:41:5B:37:40’&clear=true

As indicated in the Programming Guide.

Does anyone have an idea why?


Is the radio you are query even connected to the internet?

After struggling a lot I discovered that the device MAC address should be specified as:


Instead of:


The problem is sending the ’ character. It has to be specified as its hex equivalent %27. That solved the problem.

Yes, I found the problem, it was the ’ character in the query, that’s not valid and should be changed for %27 that is the hex of ’