Why end devices are removed from network after 2-3 days ?

I have a xbee3 zigbee module as coordinator and 4 third-party end devices.

I have no problems at the beginning, sending unicast commands with 64-bits addresses, and receiving data (and NC=10).

After 2-3 days, end devices are removed from the network: xbee3 module does not recognize anymore 64-bit adrresses when I try to send unicast commands, and NC goes back to 14.

End devices poll rate is 1 minute but xbee3 module has SP=AF0 and SN=FFFF, which means that it would remove end device only after 2 months.

What could be the problem?

I would suggest starting by checking the SO command. Then check the other devices to see what their sleep settings are at.

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Thank you very much !!