why is fpga.rbf not recognized

When updating firmware I get an error skipped fpga.rbf is not recognized. I am updating WR44v2 modem.

Because Digi never planned for this file to be updated so the update procedure does not recognise it.

Once the file was identified that it needed to be upgraded the update procedure was updated to support it.

To upgrade this file simply update the router twice. The first one will update all other files and the second update should support the fpga.rbf file.

It is buried in one of the release notes if you want to read more.


this will depend on the firmware you are installing from.

the FPGA.RBF file was added to the WEB/ZIP file.

Older firmware do not understand the file.

Best thing to do is once you have upgraded the router reboot and upgrade again with the same firmware file.

This should accept the file and process it.

The file is used to update the firmware of the FPGA controller.