Wireless: how to know Link status is UP/Down ?

Dear Friends,
How to know the link status of wireless DIGI board. In ehternet board API called customizeMiiCheckLink() is used to know the link is up or down. But in wireless configuration wln_get_status(&NWStatus) and NWStatus.state is used to know the link. but it won;t show link is up or down correctly. then how to know link is UP or DOWN.

Thanks in advance

Use the function wln_get_status and check the value state.

this function return WiEM is scanning or stopped. it won;t tell link is up/down…(like in ethernet)

This will also tell you if it has associated or authenticated. These states are the equivelent of a Physical Ethernet’s ‘Link Up’, as the Wireless interface is always ‘on’ and trying to associate unless you directly call wln_stop.