Would it be possible to use an 200kpbs Xbee paired with a 10kbps Xbee (model S3B 900HP)?

I am currently using a Xbee S3B 900HP in a project of mine, part number XBP9B-DMWT-012 (wire antenna and operating with 200kpbs)
A friend of mine, who is done with his project, offered to sell me a pair of Xbees of the same model, but part number XBP9B-DPST-001 (RPSMA connector and 10kbps).
I would like to know if his Xbees and mine could be paired, since they operate in different data rates. The RPSMA connector would be very useful in my project, so thats why I’m interested in buying the other model.

If it’s not possible to use them together, how can I replace the wire antenna for a RPSMA connector? I actually bought a RPSMA connector once but it didn’t fit in the Xbee (the connector contacts were not aligned with the Xbee’s). Where can I find one that fits?

Thank you!