WR21 connects wrong APN after SIM failover

We have a WR21-002B-DE1-SH with Cellient MPL200 module. We have two SIMs (different ISPs)attached. Device is in a ship. When ship moves from one SIM area to another, the device does SIM failover ok, but on returning from SIM2 area to SIM1 area, it doesn’t do the SIM failover because device thinks it’s still connected with SIM2, even though it hasn’t got connection or IP.
Only reboot fixes this, so after reboot, the device connects with correct SIM and APN.

Testing manually this, by forcing the change the device works ok. What can be the issue?


This sounds like you do not have any surelink detection on sim2

did you use the wizard to configure the fail over?

is the configuration using normal dual sim with single PPP instance or dual PPP (PPP1 -> SIM1 m PPP2 -> SIM2)

if you are doing surelink the router should see that the connection is not working and drop PPP at this point it should fail back to the other SIM.